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Elevator & Lift FAQ's

Access 200 Elevator & Lift Inc. receives a number of frequently asked questions from customers. Below are just a few of those questions and their answers.

Is there a standard wheelchair elevator size, or can I receive a custom size?
While the standard size is 36"x48", we can customize our units to fit your individual home.

What is the weight capacity of a residential elevator?
Most residential elevators can support up to 950 pounds.

What happens if there is power failure while someone is in a residential or commercial elevator?
A battery operated safety feature ensures passengers are never stranded between floors. Emergency lighting comes on and the controlled descent feature takes the car to the next lowest floor.

Will the stair lift block my staircase?
Stair lifts fold when not being used, and some only require 12” of space from the wall, allowing plenty of room to walk alongside it up or down the staircase.

Can the stair life damage my walls?
Not at all. The stairway lift rail attaches only to the staircase, so nothing is attached to the wall.

How long does it take to install a porch lift?
That depends on how many steps the lift needs to cover and how large the area is. Usually, it takes two or three days to install as long as there are no interruptions or weather complications.

What is the speed of a dumb waiter, and how many floors can be served?
A dumb waiter moves at the speed of 30 feet per minute and can serve up to four floors.

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